Fantastic scheme getting children learning about nature and growing their own fruit and vegetables


I remember back when I was a wee lass, going on a school geography trip when one of my class mates triumphantly declared that they had discovered a ‘cows nest’ because they had found a milk bottle under a hedge. How could any one honestly think that milk came out of a cow already in a bottle? But that’s the reality we live in today. How can children who have grown up in the city, entirely removed from the source of the produce we eat and drink, know where it comes from? It has become a regular event that Health and Safety have stuck their big oar again banning kids from running around outside lest they trip and fall or preventing them from playing with conkers in case they hit themselves. In such a commercial world it’s no wonder that children might think that cows lay milk bottles or that cabbages grow on Tesco’s shelves as if by magic. I have a friend who honestly thought that chicken kiev was a type of chicken that grows with garlic butter already inside it!
We are delighted about a scheme that was set up in 2007 that gets kids back in the garden, learning about how vegetables grow, that they don’t come in perfect shapes and sizes and with cellophane on.  Getting children involved first hand and getting their fingers grubby is a fantastic way to get them interacting with their surroundings, and being more in touch with real life. The scheme has been so successful its been adopted across the globe! Have a look at the link to find out more.

Author: Steven Chasen

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