E-cloth – An effective cleaning product ahead of chemical cleaners


E-cloth is a suitable and affordable alternative to harmful chemicals and sprays. Hence, it is preferable to use this cloth for cleaning purpose ahead of other chemical cleaners. The latter could pose severe risk to yours as well as your family’s health.

Are you tired of using regular soaps and detergents to clean your household utensils? Are you still longing to getting the results you are expecting from your soaps? If so, then it is time for you to move on to some different product. Quite often, using different chemicals as cleansing agents has cause some serious health issues or otherwise causes allergies to the person in contact to those harmful chemicals. However, you need to worry about such things anymore, since you can opt for e-cloth to meet your requirements with no potential threats.

E-cloth is a widely preferred option for various cleaning purposes nowadays. Its high-end technology, which comprises 480,000 fibers per centimeter square helps in deep cleaning of utensils in no time. Unlike traditional cloths it requires little amount of water for cleaning purpose, and is better alternative to expensive chemicals and sprays.

Why e-cloth?

While you need to clean up a large surface area, for instance floor or a dirty wall, using an e-cloth with little amount of water is a wise option. It consists of numerous microfibers that help in cleaning the surface by absorbing the dirt and micro particles, and removing them from the surface. They act as a small finger, which grab the dirt and removes them from the roots. This is because microfibers have the capability to attach themselves to the micro dust particles and pull them off their surface. This is how this special cloth helps in achieving clean platform without the use of harmful chemicals.

Is e-cloth environment friendly?

With practically no harmful effect on the environment, e-cloth is a 100 percent environment friendly product. Here are some of the upsides of using it:

  • Requires less water; in fact it works the best on dry surfaces.
  • Free of harmful chemicals, and hence do not pose any threat to users or environment.
  • Good replacement of bleach papers thus reducing solid waste.

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Author: Steven Chasen

Here at Eco Hip we have a simple philosophyTo offer you the best natural products around, so that you can maintain a chemical-free home, body and spirit.For 15 years we have been striving to give people the opportunity to enjoy and benefit from this lifestyle, using our knowledge and experience to guide you through the process from start to finish. We believe that there is a complete synergy between what is best for you and what is best for the environment.Do you ever stop and think about what goes into the products that we use on a daily basis?Did you know that everyday products such as toiletries and cosmetics are filled with harmful petro-chemicals, parabens, GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), DEAs, MEAs, TEAs, artificial colours, fragrances and fillers. The list goes on…Why aren’t there stricter regulations concerning these products?Are the waste products of industry being dumped and sold in our personal care and cleaning products?Who is stopping this and telling it how it is?We feel that we have a responsibility to both our customers and to the world around us to ask ourselves these questions every day. That is why we only sell the most responsible and sustainable products.Responsibility to ourselves – All our products are free of toxic chemicals wherever possible and endorsed by Ecocert and the Soil Association.Responsibility to others – We promote Fairtrade produce to stop exploitation and benefit those communities.Responsibility to local communities – We use local suppliers and products wherever possible in order to support the local economy and reduce our carbon footprintResponsibility to the environment – All our products use minimal packaging and recyclable materials. Responsibility to the future – We use sustainable materials and ingredients wherever possible.Responsibility to animals – We do not use any products that have animal ingredients or are tested on animals. Our products are certified as cruelty-free and are endorsed by BUAV and PETA.There doesn’t have to be a trade off between affordability and healthy living either. The choices we make now will impact our future, and we want to ensure that the investments you make now will save you money in the long-term.Sustainability doesn’t just have to connote the environment, but your own household too.In the age of information overload that we live in, we know that shopping online can sometimes be overwhelming, so we carefully source our products, selecting only the highest quality ingredients and most innovative designs, so that you don’t have to.Ecohip is more than just another online shopping website. The Ecohip mindset is all about challenging conventional thinking and finding a new way of looking at the world, believing that smalls steps can gradually add up to make a big difference.

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