Tips on Cleaning without chemicals

Tips on cleaning without chemicals By Chemicals we are refering to chemicals that are harmful, ecologically persistent and highly toxic. Cleaning without chemicals in The Kitchen This formula gets rid of your stains in several minutes. Just scrub and rinse it off with vinegar and hot water: 1/2 cup of borax 1/2 cup baking soda … Continue reading “Tips on Cleaning without chemicals”

Low Impact Living

Low Impact Living There has been much discussion about ‘low impact living’, the environment and our impact on it.  It’s increasingly difficult to discern the ‘truth’ about the environment amid the background noise and individuals and organisations with loud voices and often hidden vested interests. So what are we to do? Do your own research … Continue reading “Low Impact Living”

Spring Cleaning The Green Way

As Spring is now here I am getting ready for my all important “Spring Clean” This usually involves cleaning each room thoroughly; cupboards in and out, skirting boards, windows etc etc. However, this year I am taking extra care to make my home ‘Green’ as well as ‘Clean’ This process will involve using all natural … Continue reading “Spring Cleaning The Green Way”

To Vaccinate or not to vaccinate?

The winter months are difficult. It’s cold, it rains, you barely see daylight during the working week, and then as if that weren’t enough, there’s the flu. Miserable, aching, snivelling flu. Having been a recent  victim of this debilitating illness I took myself off to my GP surgery yesterday to get the flu jab. I … Continue reading “To Vaccinate or not to vaccinate?”