Get involved in your local community

At Ecohip, we recently came across a project that we really believe in. The ‘Transition network’. It is a world wide scheme that gives people of like minds an opportunity to come together and do something about the hot topic that is climate change. It starts with just a few people forming a group and … Continue reading “Get involved in your local community”

Risk factors for breast cancer

Breast cancer is a very real and terrifying disease. No one is immune. Through out Western cultures it is becoming ever more prevalent when compared to under developed countries. Is it stress? Bad genes? Alcohol? Well yes, it could be any of these, but recent studies have shown that there may also be a link … Continue reading “Risk factors for breast cancer”

Hidden chemical additives to watch out for in food

We are all partial to a bit of sugary sweetness in our lives, despite the fact that we are told time and time again that it’s not good for us. But its ok, you reason with yourself, because for the few chocolate bars or sweets you might occasionally consume, you ALWAYS have diet coke and … Continue reading “Hidden chemical additives to watch out for in food”

How to make your home more Eco

Unilever have recently made a pledge to halve the environmental impact of its products over the next 10 years. The decision to go green will be seen not just in the reduction of their carbon dioxide emissions and waste, but it will also reduce the impact caused by their suppliers and customers. It’s a huge … Continue reading “How to make your home more Eco”

Top Natural Tips for Fighting the Winter Bugs

With weather forecasts promising ‘a big freeze’ and snow descending on Britain, pink noses line the bustling streets and pockets are brimming with Kleenex as the nation battles the grim weather and onset of the dreaded winter cold that’s “going around”. Our lives are not always conducive to the ‘down time’ that having the grizzly … Continue reading “Top Natural Tips for Fighting the Winter Bugs”

What’s really in our skin care products?

We are constantly bombarded with the latest beauty fads. Shop shelves and glossy magazines are crammed with creams to make those suitcases under our eyes disappear, lotions to make cellulite history and deodorants that guarantee 48-hour freshness. With promises of flawless radiant skin, who wouldn’t want to splash out on these beauty must haves? But what … Continue reading “What’s really in our skin care products?”

I’M DREAMING OF A GREEN (more environmentally friendly) CHRISTMAS

Every year, we spend hundreds of pounds on silly gifts, wrapping paper and that new dress you HAD to buy for the Christmas party! Why not make a change this year, go green. I am sure that I am not the only one who has got a present that has left you thinking…. um, really?? … Continue reading “I’M DREAMING OF A GREEN (more environmentally friendly) CHRISTMAS”