Less is more! The benefits of cosmetic oils

  Cosmetic oils belong to 100% natural, unrefined and cold pressed range. They are a perfect for face, neck, body, hair and nail care. From left to right : 1)Botanico Vida Omega Oil available in 2 sizes : Increases skin elasticity by 45% Reduces itchiness, tightness, and dryness Smells gorgeous and absorbs beautifully ► http://www.ecohip.co.uk/botanico-vida-omega-oil.html … Continue reading “Less is more! The benefits of cosmetic oils”

Make laundry day natural again !

  Washing laundry is at first sight a seemingly harmless and safe. However, without knowing it, you use laundry detergents based on chemicals, most of which are allergenic, carcinogenic or even bad for your liver. Taking a look at its composition. Filled with preservatives, perfume, colouring, bleaching agents, laundry is now made up of only … Continue reading “Make laundry day natural again !”