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Frequently Asked Questions

Q] Will Tints of Nature cover grey hair?

A] The natural shades 1N – 8N in the Tints of Nature range will cover 100% grey hair. If you wish to use one of the fashion shades, then you simply need to mix this with the corresponding natural shade in equal amounts, e.g. 25ml 7D + 25ml 7N + 50ml Colourfix. Please note, 10N is not guaranteed to cover grey hair.

Q] Can I use Tints of Nature over another hair colourant?

A] Tints of Nature can be used over other hair colours, except metallic based products. If you have used a hair colour which contains a metal such as lead acetate, zinc, iron or copper, please wait at least one month before using Tints of Nature and shampoo your hair thoroughly during this time. This advice also applies to using Tints of Nature over a henna colour, which can leave a waxy residue on the hair and make colouring difficult.

Q] I have used hair colour for years without any problems. Why do I need to carry out a sensitivity test before using Tints of Nature?

A] It is possible to become sensitive to ingredients used in hair colour over time. Also some medication may have an affect, as well as permanent make-up or tattoos. If your scalp is irritated or damaged, this might also cause a potential reaction. We always recommend that a sensitivity test is carried out at least 48 hours before use, every time you use Tints of Nature. Full details are included in the instruction leaflet in each box.

Q] Why should I carry out a strand test, when the colour result is shown on the box?

A] The colour result shown on the box is an indication only of the actual result you will get with your Tints of Nature colour. There are mainly variables which can affect the final result; for example, condition of the hair, percentage of grey in the hair, previous colourant on the hair, medication, etc. We advise that a strand test is carried out at the same time as the sensitivity test, to make sure that you are happy with the colour. Full details are included in the instruction leaflet in each box.

Q] Are Tints of Nature products suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

A] All the colours are suitable for use by vegans and vegetarians, along with Tints of Nature Shampoo, Conditioner, Reconstructing Treatment and Seal & Shine. Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Scalp Treatment both contain a milk derivative, which may be something that vegans choose not to use.

Q] Can any unused colour be saved and used for another application?

A] Any unused colour which has been mixed with the Colourfix should be disposed of. However, any unmixed colour can be saved in the bottle and should last several months, so can be used for another application. Please make sure that the bottle is sealed properly and is stored in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

Q] I am pregnant. Can I colour my hair?

A] We do not recommend that Tints of Nature is used during pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding. Please consult your doctor, if you do decide to colour your hair during this time and make sure you carry out a sensitivity test.

Q] Can Tints of Nature be used by people undergoing chemotherapy?

A] Due to the nature of the treatment for cancer, we do not recommend that Tints of Nature is used during chemotherapy, radiotherapy or other forms of treatment. Please consult your doctor if you do decide to colour your hair during this time and make sure you carry out a sensitivity test. After treatment has been completed, it may be possible to colour the hair once there is about an inch of growth, although if the scalp is damaged, excessively dry or irritated, or the hair is brittle, then colouring should not take place. We recommend that semi-permanent hair colour is used for the first few months, until hair becomes stronger. We always recommend that both a sensitivity and strand test are carried out.

Q] My hair needs colouring, but it is dry so I do not want to risk damaging it further. Can I use Tints of Nature?

A] Tints of Nature will not damage your hair so you are fine to colour it. Tints of Nature shampoos and conditioners will help to repair the damage and restore the natural protein and moisture balance of the hair.

Q] My hair is dull and feels damaged?

A] Use the Tints of Nature shampoo and conditioner range, which is designed to work with coloured hair to maintain a natural balance of protein and moisture.

Q] How can I darken the ends of my hair without having all my hair coloured?

A] Choose the same colour as before, mix 25mls colour with 25mls Colourfix in a clean plastic bowl, add a small amount of Tints of Nature shampoo and mix thoroughly. This can be applied to the faded ends with a sponge. Check colour after 15 minutes – this should be enough time, add water and work up to a lather. Rinse off then condition using Tints of Nature conditioner.

Q] Is there a way of removing permanent hair colour if I am not happy with the result?

A] Yes, but it has to done at a hair salon, as they have the correct products to do this. This is the reason why we recommend that a strand test is done before full application.

Q] The colour result is too dark. What can I do?

A] We always recommend a strand test before the hair is coloured, which will indicate the actual colour result on your hair. If the hair is too dark after colouring, you can use a saline solution, which will fade the colour over the course of a couple of weeks.

Saline solution instructions: Shampoo hair and rinse. Mix 1L of warm water with 2 tablespoons of salt to make the saline solution. Dip a sponge in the solution and run through the hair. Repeat until all the solution has been used – leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse, shampoo, rinse and then condition the hair. Rinse. These simple steps should release the pigment, but fading may not appear immediately. It can take a few days for the process to become evident. This process can be repeated once a week for three weeks.

Q] What can I do about the brassy yellow tones in my grey hair?

A] Ash colours are perfect for this problem. You can use 6C or 10C.

Q] What is double processed hair?

A] Hair that has two or three chemical processes on it, and Bleach and Hilift colours using high volumes of peroxide.

Q] Can Tints of Nature be used for lightening hair?

A] Tints of Nature will lift hair by approximately one shade, e.g. if you are a natural base 5, then it will lift your hair to around a base 6. For a greater lift, we offer a lightening kit, which is suitable for medium brown to blonde hair.

Q] I want to highlight my hair. How do I do this?

A] We offer a highlighting kit, which is suitable for dark brown to blonde hair.

Q] How often should I colour my hair?

A] If you are covering regrowth, we recommend that you colour your hair when there is 1 – 1½ inches of regrowth. This is usually about every four to six weeks, but the time is dependent on how quickly your hair grows.

Q] The colour did not work on my grey hair. What can I do?

A] Grey hair that is resistant to colour will need to be shampooed first. Shampoo, towel dry well and apply the colour to damp hair. You can extend the development time up to fifty minutes. Medication can also be a problem; HRT and Thyroxin can block colour. You could also apply very low heat with a hairdryer for the first ten minutes of the development time.

Q] Do any of your colours contain henna?

A] Although we use the term henna in the name of some colours, this is just to indicate the shade. We do not use any henna in the products.

Q] I have recently permed my hair. Can I use your colours?

A] We recommend that you wait one week after having your hair permed with an ammonia-based perm. If you have had your hair permed with Organic Curl Systems ammonia-free perm, then you can colour your hair straightaway.

Q] Can I use the highlighting kit with the colour or someone else’s colour?

A] The highlighting kit is compatible with the Tints of Nature permanent hair colours, but may not be compatible with other brands of colour.

Q] When can I apply the highlighting kit if I have just coloured my hair?

A] The highlighting kit can be applied directly after colouring your hair with Tints of Nature.

Q] What’s the difference between the highlighting and lightener kits?

A] The lightener kit is designed for a full head application, to lighten the whole of the head. The highlight kit uses a cap and hook to create highlighted strands throughout the hair.

Q] Can I go back to ammonia-based hair colours after using Tints of Nature?

A] Tints of Nature will not damage your hair, so you should be able to apply another brand of colour over the top. We recommend that you consult the manufacturers of the brand you wish to use, to make sure that it is compatible with Tints of Nature.

Q] I have a stain from the colour on my skin. How do I remove it?

A] Soap and water should remove any staining on the skin.

Q] Is Tints of Nature suitable for afro hair?

A] Due to the nature of the product, Tints of Nature is unlikely to be suitable for afro hair.

Q] Is Tints of Nature hair colour suitable for use on children?

A] Tints of Nature is not for use by anyone under the age of 16.

Q] Do any of your products contain heavy metals?

A] No, none of the Tints of Nature products contain any heavy metals.

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