Where does the plastic we use end up?

Where does the plastic we use end up? Sure some of it ends up in the landfill sites (those are filling up fast), some is used in waste to energy plants that create electricity, some is reused, some is recycled and some of it just gets lost or seems to disappear – where does it … Continue reading “Where does the plastic we use end up?”

Do Mobile Phones cause harm to the brain

Do Mobile Phones cause harm to the brain? The arguments continue to rage around the safety of mobile phones (cell phones) and we are all spending more time in contact with these really useful devices. Smartphones, like the IPhone and Samsung Galaxy, are encouraging even more ‘contact-time’.  The debate continues when one study comes out … Continue reading “Do Mobile Phones cause harm to the brain”

EcoHip Hair Colouring Guide

EcoHip Hair Colouring Guide Modern hair colouring owes its very existence to French chemist Eugene Schuller, who in 1909 pioneered the use of the chemical paraphenylenediamine. Colouring hair has become commonplace and it is estimated that in excess of 75% of all women colour  their hair but the range of chemicals has increased. Hair colouring … Continue reading “EcoHip Hair Colouring Guide”

Growing Salad in Containers

Many gardens today are small and city gardens are often little more than a courtyard but it is still possible to grow a good selection of salad and small vegetables. Herbs, salad vegetables and many fruits thrive in pots and containers. They are perfect for beginnersd and those with small gardens. There are all shapes … Continue reading “Growing Salad in Containers”

Food Pesticides and Science

Pesticide Residue The UK is probably 5-10 years behind the USA in terms of recording data regarding the amounts and types of pesticide residue found in our food supply. The following statement was made in the 2009 report, published in June 2010: UK Government Studies into pesticide residue This quarter’s programme (3rd quater 2009) surveyed … Continue reading “Food Pesticides and Science”

Sleeping Soundly

Roughly 30% of people will suffer with sleeping disorders annually and many are prescribed the (frequently addictive) sedative hypnotic medicines. Sleep is poorly understood by most people and is critical if you want to stay well. Lack of sleep can directly cause phycotic episodes and trigger other health problems. Medical books list more than 80 … Continue reading “Sleeping Soundly”